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 Paging Modes: AFSK Paging Link - POCSAG - Glenayre Paging Link - Motorola PURC Tone Remote Control - FLEX - ReFLEX - Golay Paging (GSC) - ERMES
Frequencies 896 MHz,902 MHz,929 MHz,932 MHz,940 MHz,941 MHz,940.21 MHz
Frequency Range 896 MHz - 941 MHz
Mode NFM
Modulation FFSK
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 40 kHz
Location United States
Short Description ReFLEX is a two-way paging variant of FLEX.
I/Q Raw Recording Download file
Audio Sample

ReFLEX is a two-way paging variant of FLEX.

Potentially also ReFLEX or another variant:


Frequency Modulation-Fast Frequency Shift Keying (FMFrequency Modulation-FFSKFast Frequency-Shift Keying)

Channel Samples[edit]

First Channel:

2nd Channel (3rd and 4th are similar):


896 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz-902 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz Base Tower Transmit Frequency

929 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz - 932 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz and 940 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz - 941 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz Receiver Transmit Frequency

Decoding Software[edit]

Hobby Level Software
  • PDW can somewhat decode the individual channels of ReFLEX

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