Unknown UHF Satcom Signal

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Unknown UHF Satcom Signal
Unk 3.PNG
Frequencies 251.95 Hz
Frequency Range 251 Hz - 251 Hz
Mode Unknown
Modulation Unknown
Bandwidth 30 kHz
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Short Description So I've come across this signal twice now - the first time I assumed it might've been an anomaly however it's popped up again and this time stronger and with similar signals nearby. I've seen it between 250 and 270 MHz on it's own and next to the same type of signal but with different "waves" in the transmission. It sits right next to the classic UHF satcom signals however this one has obvious differences. Unsure what modulation it is. The first thing I thought of was some kind of radar but I don't know of any in this band.
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