Unknown RADAR Near Toronto Canada

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Unknown RADAR Near Toronto Canada
Frequencies 1350 MHz
Frequency Range 1350 MHz - 1350 MHz
Mode AM
Bandwidth 2 MHz
Location Toronto, Canada
Short Description I found this RADAR signal in the expected band, however all other nearby RADAR units were already identified. This one is unknown, and uses a novel inter-pulse modulation scheme and seemingly random or pseudo-random pulse train and pulse coding.
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It is also with noting that with a linear antenna, NOTHING of this signal was picked up at all. Only when I was using a 4-element cloverleaf antenna which is circularly polarized Right Hand Circular Polarization AKA RHCP, was I able to see this signal. Shortly after I checked the other known Weather RADAR (WX-RADAR) sites signals in my area, there are 6 of them and I quickly found and easily identified the 4 out of 6 that were currently operating, THIS one is on a frequency not used by the other 6, and uses quite a different Pulse Structure than the 3 civilian and 3 military WX-RADARs that are near me. It's now the 7th RADAR that I can pick up (I am lucky to live on the top floor of a very tall building, I have antennas on the roof!!) but I simply cannot find ANY info about it at all, and another two odd things about it, it shuts off sometimes for a day or two, then starts up again, and the interval between when my antenna can pick up its signal (when it is pointed in my direction) changes sometimes after it comes back online, the dish seems to be rotating at a different RPM sometimes... Strange.


This was Rx'd on ~1350mcs and never changes frequency. However it does TXTransmit more than one pulse (up to 16, it seems) and between pulses there is a frequency difference, which I have seen as much as +/- 4mcs.