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My signal analysis using unitrunker

sample 1 Motorola2F1D_Sound.mp3 :
Motorola 2f1d - Nexcom
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
control 475
access 105.88
channels 8
fingerprint 0x2040
Interconnect 4 minutes

sample 2 Motorola_Type_II.mp3:
Motorola 2e16 - MTA Regional Bus
Motorola Type II SmartZone
control 334
access 116.13
channels 3
fingerprint 0x200c1
interconnect 15 minutes

From radio
Variations of the Type II Trunking system include:
Motorola Type IIi Hybrid
Motorola Type II Smartnet
Motorola Type II SmartZone
Motorola Type II SmartZone OmniLink
Motorola Type II VOC
--Mbeam (talk) 12:02, 10 February 2017 (NZDT)

I will see if i can expand the Motorola II given your results. I have a bunch of saved IQQuadrature signals form the basis of complex RF signal modulation and demodulation, both in hardware and in software, as well as in complex signal analysis. recordings of likely Motorola II trunking systems. I haven't had time to process however, as it's extremely big, and hard to find in my stockpile. --Cartoonman (talk) 08:31, 11 February 2017 (NZDT)