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My TV does the same thing, but on the speakers. Muting the speakers stops the noise; I haven't gotten any radio to check if it also creates RFIa specific subset of electrical noise on the Electromagnetic interference (EMI) spectrum, but I'm guessing it does. The audio signal changes with updates in screen brightness and color. The TV model is the VIZIO VOJ320F1A. I'm guessing the speaker wiring is short, so it's probably a relatively high frequency signal. I'm unsure what causes it; I suspect some sort of loose wire or other cable issue?

^Update: I can provide an audio sample and spectrogram. It's not captured by radio; the noise is aurally heard, zero electromagnetic wave trickery necessary. Image stretched to 1080p just cuz, it's still readable.

Okay, update to my own post. This is definitely a VGA video signal coupling from an unshielded wire to an unshielded audio cable, didn't have anything to do with internal wires. Both the TRS cable for PC audio and the VGA video cable lack shielding and are very close together.

^^Yes, most likely. If you had a VGA cable only connected correctly, this whole interference wouldnt happen. HDMI does it worse though. My old Acer x221w however plays a MUCH different story as its LCD and from 2003 (STILL WORKING 17 years!!).