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Hi everyone I am focusing on the demodulation of c4fm modulation which is actually a Continuous Phase 4 Frequency Shift Keying (CP4FSK). The demodulation method of mine works perfectly if time synchronization is done beforehand. By the way I have no Idea how the synchronization is carried out in DMR signals. There is a sync pattern in the document which has 48 bits (or equivalently 24 symbols) by which we can correlate to find the sync signal. But no correlation is found in my synchronization , and no peak is detected.

Would you mind helping with me if you have any experience in the synchronization of DMR ? With regards, Amator Radio Research

Decoding results from samples on page:
( Data to be added to main page or replaced )

sample 1 DMRMOTOTRBO_Sound.mp3 is a capacity+ DCC 1 system , channels 3 & 4, sending rest commands back and forth

Sample 2 DMR_Control_Channel_454580kHz_AF.mp3 is a connect+ DCC 1, network 171 site 6 with site neighbor locations of 4 5 7 12 13 : with 2 group calls to group id 200049 radio id 28004

DMR_TDMATime Division Multiple Access_signal.mp3 is being broadcast with a DCC of 13 talkgroup id 100 radio id 22

Sample DMR.mp3 used in the main preview wiki on right side only shows DCC1 with no network or site affiliation
--Mbeam (talk) 19:30, 14 February 2017 (NZDT)