Sensus Water meter (Acquisition units)

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Sensus Water meter (Acquisition units)
Frequencies 902 MHz,927 MHz
Frequency Range 902 MHz - 927 MHz
Modulation ASK,FHSS
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 175 MHz
Location Worldwide
Short Description These are samples from the Sensus Water meters. They are a FHSS ASK encoded data transmission for purposes of providing municipalities water meter telemetry (for billing how much water you use).
I/Q Raw Recording Download file
Audio Sample


IQQuadrature signals form the basis of complex RF signal modulation and demodulation, both in hardware and in software, as well as in complex signal analysis. data provided. Samples sound like popping static. A waterfall plot is more indicative of the spread spectrum nature of this signal.


Frequency hopping spread spectrum signal. ASKAmplitude-Shift Keying encoding per packet.

From 902-927MHz. .175MHz with equal spacing through chunk of spectrum. Cannot accurately tell exactly the channel boundaries.

Decoding Software[edit]

None available

Used Universal Radio Hacker to capture samples. One needs 30MHz bandwidth to capture and follow a signal.

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