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JT6M sim.jpg
Frequencies 50.25 MHz,50.215 MHz
Frequency Range 50.215 MHz - 50.25 MHz
Mode USB
Modulation MFSK
Emission Designator
Bandwidth 1000 Hz
Location Worldwide
Short Description JT6M is part of the WSJT suite of digital weak signal software applications developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

JT6M is optimized for 6M meteor scatter but is equally effective with Tropo, weak ES and scatter modes of propagation.

JT6M uses 44-tone FSKFrequency-Shift Keying with a "sync tone" and 43 possible data tones, one for each character in the supported alphanumeric set. The sync tone is at 1076.66 HzHertz (Hz), unit of frequency, defined as one cycle per second (1 Hz)., and the 43 other possible tones are spaced at 21.53 HZ intervals up to 2002.59 HzHertz (Hz), unit of frequency, defined as one cycle per second (1 Hz).. The tones are keyed at a rate of 21.53 baudBaud (unit symbol Bd) is the unit for symbol rate or modulation rate in symbols per second., so each one lasts for 1/21.53 = 0.04644 seconds. The sync tone is ON during every 3rd transmission interval; tones representing two data characters follow each sync tone. The transmission rate of user data is therefore (2/3)*21.53 = 14.4 characters per second. The transmitted signal sounds a bit like piccolo music.


JT6M (Sim) JT6M Signal
JT6M sim.jpg


  • 50.215-50.25 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz EUROPE JT6m (Center 50.230)
  • 50.25 MHzMegaHertz (MHz) 10^6 Hz Digital Calling Frequency for JT6M (Weak band enhancements)

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