Exotic Cipher

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Exotic Cipher
Frequencies 6.215 kHz
Frequency Range 6.215 kHz - 6.215 kHz
Mode AM
Location Global
Short Description An exotic polytone data type.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample


This is a recording of a polytone data transmission we released on the utilities and oddities disc of The Conet Project 5 Disc edition. It is unlike any polytone we ever heard in many years of monitoring. It is different to other polytone stations in several respects, first that it does not have a base "carrier" tone associated with it. It is not made of pure tones, but of what sound like samples or synthetic hollow log or xylophone sounds. The transmission was on for many hours after this recording was made over a period of at least three days, diminishing in strength from a very powerful signal until we lost it. This recording was made in on October 5th 2008 at 19:27GMT.