Errant Signal on 2m Ham Band

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Errant Signal on 2m Ham Band
Errant signal waterfall.jpg
Frequencies 147.455 MHz
Frequency Range 147.455 MHz - 147.455 MHz
Mode FM?
Modulation unknown
Location somewhere near Charlotte NC
Short Description Errant signal spread across the 2m ham band. Local interference ruled out.
I/Q Raw Recording
Audio Sample

Errant signal across 2m. Not local interference. Has been heard from Asheville NC to Greenville SC to Columbia SC and up all around the Charlotte area. It comes and goes a few times a day. Duration ranges from 20 minutes to several hours. Have heard rumors of it across the US and possibly in South America as well. Seems to come through more clearly after the sun goes down despite being on VHFVery High Frequency (30-300 MHz) frequencies. What's in the recording is all there is. The signal never varies from a pattern of beeps. No voice, no digital tones. It shows up every few hundred khz across the 2m ham band simultaneously and interferes with my reception of almost a dozen repeaters while it's live. I've picked it across dozens of frequencies from 136Mhz to 168Mhz simultaneously. Once picked it up in the 28Mhz range simultaneously as well. This is not a signal that jumps around the bands. It can be heard on dozens of frequencies all at the same time when it's up. Sounds a bit like Morse code, but it isn't. The waterfall posted is the best I can do lately. Static is getting worse. A month ago it was three clear simultaneous tones with each beep.